The Adriatic Coast

Rocky cliffs, sandy beaches and fishing ports that have been trading for centuries, The Adriatic Sea separates the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan Peninsula.
Cruise from the Gulf of Venice, along the Dalmatian coast, and island hop in Croatia, as verdant shorelines border crystalline waters and communities thrive just as they have since antiquity.


Walk along its centuries-old, excellently preserved stone walls for truly extraordinary views of the city. Explore its many ancient landmarks or visit the beach to enjoy the warm waters.
Approaching Dubrovnik from the sea is a spectacle in itself, with the city’s vast medieval walls appearing the same today as they did 700 years ago. From here, a warren of cobbled streets leads to the captivating Old Town, a World Heritage Site brimming with Baroque palaces and ancient stone houses, all topped with perennial terracotta tiles. 
Marvel at Rector’s Palace, St Saviour Church and Dubrovnik Cathedral, later taking a guided hike to the ramparts of Lovrijenac, the city’s iconic clifftop castle. There’s time, too, for a ride on Dubrovnik’s beloved cable car – a trip that promises one of Europe’s best coastal views.

Read our Dubrovnik Destination Guide to discover more.


The capital of the Veneto region is unique for being built upon 117 islands divided by hundreds of canals. Visit St. Mark’s Basilica, walk along the Ponte di Rialto and relax on the Venice Lido.
With its historical canals, grand churches, and winding streets, Venice is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. You’ll hear the serenading songs of the gondoliers and be allured by the soft aroma of freshly baked pizzas wafting through the air.

Delve into the artistry and opulence of this one-of-a-kind city, by admiring the marble palaces of Palazzo Ducale and discover the beauty of Venetian masterpieces in the Gallerie dell’Accademia. 

When it comes to local delicacies, Venice is famed for its culinary excellence from its traditional seafood pasta dishes, to the finest wines of the region, made in the surrounding vineyards of Veneto.

Hvar & Korčula

Hvar: Popular not only for glorious beaches and its 13th Century walls, the port town of Hvar has much to explore, including the hilltop fortress, which is lit up with a stunning golden glow at night, and the main square with its Renaissance-era Hvar Cathedral.

Korčula: Famous for its dense pine forests, Korcula is one of the larger islands at around 20 miles long and almost 5 miles wide. The stunning Korčula Town is known locally as ‘little Dubrovnik’, due to its familiar looking medieval squares and churches, whilst the plentiful sandy beaches and quiet coves that line the southern coast are simply delightful.

Sarandë, Albania

The perfect place from which to explore the UNESCO World Heritage-listed site of Butrint, an ancient city once inhabited by Greek and Roman Colonies.
The walls and ruins are located within a wonderful natural setting and are part of a large national park, dating back an estimated 2,500 years.

Superyacht Cruising Experience

Reaching an impressive 110 metres in length, our spectacular new superyacht will exceed your yacht cruising expectations. And with an intimate 100 guests on board, there's an abundance of space throughout.
Discover a secluded spot to read a book, enjoy unimpeded views of the unspoilt landscapes, take a relaxing dip in the infinity-style pool, or arrange to meet fellow guests at one of our comfortable meeting spots. 

Cruise for longer

If you’re looking to extend your adventure, we’ve created a collection of combination cruises, consisting of two itineraries combined to complement one another. Combine two cruises to discover the beauty of the Adriatic coastline. 

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